Monday June 04, 2018

ASUS ROG Delta Sexcessories Headset

ASUS unveiled today at Computex its new ROG Delta headset. Overlooking all the Frag Harder Disco Light goodness, the Delta looks to possibly have some serious chops when it comes to sound. Of course you never know till you stick the things on your melon. These are not wireless (Boo!) but these are USB type C connectible. Too bad that none of us have a Type C port on the front of our cases. Yeah, it is sexy.

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Also, the quad DAC configuration with four ESS Technology DAC chips "ES9218" is also a big feature. A DAC chip mainly designed for mobile terminals that also supports high resolution reproduction of up to 384 kHz / 32 bits. By allocating the on-board DAC for each frequency band, we pursued an accurate and clear sound. According to the managers in charge, "It will make it easier to grasp the position of the enemy and the position of the explosive sound, because of the three-dimensional feeling."