Thursday May 31, 2018

The Millennium Falcons that Never Were

Certainly most every person that reads this meager news feed can easily picture the Millennium Falcon in their mind's eye right now, but what about all the versions that we never will get to see on the big screen? has a story about looking back in time with the Falcon, which of course is there to prop up the floundering Han Solo film, but it is still really cool to see.

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Clyne, Lucasfilm’s design supervisor for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and his team ultimately created about 60 iterations of the fastest ship in the galaxy before landing on the design that’s featured in the new film, out now. The process took Clyne back to his childhood and essentially transported the entire crew back to the 1970s to explore muscle car culture, model building, and the original concept art that inspired the creators of Star Wars in 1977.