Sunday May 27, 2018

These Drones Can Haul a 20-Pound Load for 500 Miles and Land on a Moving Target

The founder of start-up Volans-i claims that his company’s drones could have saved the Titanic, as they can travel for up to 500 miles carrying 20 pounds of cargo and take off or land on any flat 15-by-15 foot platform. The drones, which are powered by both batteries and fuel for propulsion, utilize fixed wings along with vertical-take-off-and-landing systems for flight.

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Because the Volans-i drones can take off or land on any flat 15-by-15 foot platform, the company and its customers don't have to build any special infrastructure to make or take deliveries. Regulators are still figuring out how drones will be allowed to operate in lower airspace above the U.S. But Volans-i is one of a spate of companies that wants to become a next-generation, drone-based UPS, Maersk or FedEx.