Wednesday May 23, 2018

Electric Scooters Pissing Off San Francisco

We reported yesterday on "Bird Hunters" and how they were cashing in collecting these ride-share electric scooters every night. It seems as though there is a dirtier side to the electric scooter rental market. According to Vice News, three of these scooter companies just "dumped" these into several California cities with no regard to local laws that may or may not impact the companies. And some folks are upset about it as well! Ride-share bikes have come under fire as well for being left by their riders just about everywhere, causing plenty of issues. Cities such as Dallas have demanded they clean up their business model, or Dallas would throw their bikes away.

Inspired by Uber and Lyft — and even hiring some of the rideshares’ executives — a handful of companies are scattering electric scooter across cities first, then waiting for the law to deal with them.