Monday May 21, 2018

Micron and Intel Develop 3rd Generation 3D NAND

Via a post on their newsroom, Intel has announced today that in partnership with Micron, they have developed a new 3rd generation of NAND flash. The new chips are the world's first with 4Tb - 4bits/cell dies in 64 layers, and upcoming 96 layers. The 64 layer 4bits/cell die coming in at 1Tb density per sie.

News Image

Quite amazing how fast technology is moving when it comes to flash memory, makes me long for the days of when CPUs and GPUs were moving so quickly.

"With introduction of 64-layer 4bits/cell NAND technology, we are achieving 33 percent higher array density compared to TLC, which enables us to produce the first commercially available 1 terabit die in the history of semiconductors," said Micron Executive Vice President, Technology Development, Scott DeBoer. "We’re continuing flash technology innovation with our 96-layer structure, condensing even more data into smaller spaces, unlocking the possibilities of workload capability and application construction."