Monday May 21, 2018

Bird Hunting is the new Pokemon Go for Fun and Profit

We did not even know this was a thing, but it is. Bird is an rent-to-ride electric scooter company in a number of larger cities. You rent it with your smartphone, then leave it where ever you want. Then later on, contract "Bird Hunters" track the abandoned scooters with their smartphones, collect those, charge those up, and return the scooter back to a Bird rental location. Some folks are making up to $600 a night. Apparently the hardware review business is the wrong line of work. We are now heading to Austin.

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Bird is a scooter-sharing company that launched in 2017 and has been dubbed the "Uber of scooters." Its goal is to alleviate congestion and allow people an easy way to travel quickly for short distances of just a few miles. Riders can locate and unlock scooters using the company’s smartphone app, and after paying the $1 unlocking fee are charged 15 cents per minute during use.

"Charging scooters for Bird is like Pokأ©mon Go, but when you get paid for finding Pokأ©mon," says Nick Abouzeid, a 21-year-old charger in San Francisco. Several nights a week after work, he and his girlfriend go on walks around the city, collecting scooters and bringing them back to his apartment building to charge in the basement.