Tuesday May 15, 2018

Nintendo Switch Hacked into SNES Classic - Thanks NVIDIA

So, we wondered what all would be done when we found out that NVIDIA's Tegra chip on the Nintendo Switch could be easily hacked by simply shorting two pins, and now we see something fun coming through. If you were saving up your pennies for a new Classic NES, all you have to do now is steal a paperclip from the office, and you are good to go...almost. Forbes has write up this morning with all the hacker links you need.

This feat was accomplished with LovePotion, a homebrew creation tool originally created for Nintendo 3DS and very recently ported to the Switch. Tools like this are proliferating because of a permanent, non-patchable boot exploit that has now been documented and shared widely. Anyone with a 3D printer and the requisite programming skills can get to work hacking their own console.