Monday April 23, 2018

How Accurate are Canned PC Benchmarks?

DigitalFoundry has posted a new video on YouTube, asking the question "Just How Useful/Accurate Are PC Benchmarks Anyway?"In the video Alex goes over the differences between canned benchmarks like those found in Tomb Raider, and Metro Last Light to see how they compare with actual in game performance.

This is quite a problem, where canned benchmarks do not necessarily represent actual performance while playing the title. I can't believe it's taken someone so long as to think that canned benchmarks may misrepresent gameplay. Oh wait... Kyle first pointed it out in 2001 with the Quake 3 Arena benchmark.... And again in 2003 Kyle and our GPU Editor Brent Justice looked at the validity of 3DMark03... Culminating in Kyle and Brent working together once again in "Benchmarking the Benchmarks" in 2008 when they completely dissected real world gameplay vs Timedemo benchmarking in Crysis.

Anyone want to bet if Digital Foundry keeps using built-in benchmarks. I won't, but hey, maybe it will make more people aware of the problems with built-in demos, and hopefully stop giving them so much weight when predicting video card performance. But with anything in the PC or PC gaming world, don't forget. Thanks to @cageymaru for the story.