Friday April 20, 2018

AMD Confirms Precision Boost 2 on X370 Motherboards

If you missed our review of the 2nd Gen Ryzen 2700X CPU, you missed a lot! While I thought the 2nd generation Ryzen was going to be little more than a popcorn fart, AMD came out swinging...again. The star of the show is AMD's new Precision Boost 2 dynamic clocking technology. In some ways, AMD is doing a better job at "overclocking" the CPU than we can. And I hate saying that, but the numbers support it, if you are not grinding away in full core workloads.

Many of you currently own X370 chipset motherboards, and have asked, "Will Precision Boost 2 work on my X370 motherboard?" We spoke to AMD about this and got a solid answer.

News Image

Yes, with the appropriate firmware, it [Precision Boost 2] will work with X370.

So there you go. AMD has given motherboard makers the ability for PB2 to work, but if we will see that on X370 motherboards, pushed out with UEFI updates is another question. Trust us, we will be asking ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI if this will be the case.

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