Monday April 16, 2018

ASUS Gives Full Breakdown of AMD X470 Lineup

ASUS has published an article over on its EdgeUp site that covers the full gamut of their new AMD X470 chipset motherboards. They get into the nitty gritty of balancing power component layouts to give better temps on the new Crosshair VI.

News Image

While the old Crosshair VI Hero allocates power phases to the CPU and SoC in an 8+4 split, its successor uses a 10+2 arrangement that shifts power to the processor cores. This rebalancing works with rearranged phase layouts north and west of the socket to lower VRM temperatures substantially compared to the previous generation. Sharing the load between more VRMs and spacing them out around the socket allows the Crosshair VII Hero to run noticeably cooler, with evenly distributed thermals. Heat is more localized on the last Hero, with higher temperatures for the circuitry supplying the CPU.