Monday April 16, 2018

Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee Into Bottles to Save Time

The Sun is reporting that undercover investigator James Bloodworth has found some nasty secrets about working in an Amazon warehouse. In the 700,000 sqft 4 story warehouse, some of the 1,200 workers face a quarter-mile walk to two restrooms located on the ground floor. While investigating Mr. Bloodworth worked 10 hour days in the warehouse, walking 10 miles per day. Mr Bloodworth said:

"People just peed in bottles because they lived in fear of being disciplined over ‘idle time’ and losing their jobs just because they needed the loo."

News Image

In addition he stated that the warehouse is like a prison, with airport-style security-scanners where workers are checked and patted down, as well as hoodies, sunglasses, and cell phones were banned as a security measure. Sounds like those patented employee tracking wristbands aren't as far fetched as once thought.