Wednesday March 28, 2018

Facebook Delays Home-Listening Tech

I guess when you being called in front of Congress to testify to talk about privacy issues that are plaguing your company, it is not the best time to launch your own in-home "assistant" hardware. Just for the record, we are not fans of any of the in-home spying devices. I have two of those here in my office that will never be plugged in. Given the #DeleteFacebook trend, Facebook is making a lot of platform changes as well.

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The company’s new hardware products, connected speakers with digital-assistant and video-chat capabilities, are undergoing a deeper review to ensure that they make the right trade-offs regarding user data, the people said. While the hardware wasn’t expected to be available until the fall, the company had hoped to preview the devices at the largest annual gathering of Facebook developers, said the people, who asked not to be named discussing internal plans.