Wednesday March 21, 2018

Slingshot Malware a US Tool for Cyber-Espionage

Slingshot malware has been being discussed for the last couple of weeks, but the scope of it has been somewhat unclear. CyberScoop is reporting that Slingshot has been identified as a tool used by the US for a widespread counterterrorism cyber-espionage operation that has been ongoing now for up to six years. The gist of it is to breach routers and then siphon off all the information moved across those and then sort it out from there. Bingo, no malware to detect on your computer if you pwn the pipe.

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Slingshot helped the military and intelligence community collect information about terrorists by infecting computers they commonly used, sources told CyberScoop. Often times, these targeted computers would be located within internet cafes in developing countries. ISIS and al-Qaeda targets would use internet cafes to send and receive messages, the sources said.