Tuesday March 20, 2018

First Rule of GPP: Don't Talk About GPP

Just over two weeks after Kyle broke the story of the Geforce Partner Program and its potential anti-consumer policies, the silence from Nvidia and it's partners has been deafening. Forbes published an article today, in which writer Jason Evangelho outlines that is isn't just Kyle who has been getting the cold shoulder. Jason states that while performing his own follow-up to the HardOCP investigation, all of his contacts have gone dark, including a few who had agreed to speak off the record. However Jason does state "I had two brief conversations that made it obvious the program was troublesome, to put it mildly."

Jason also points out a Reddit thread that was posted today, pointing out the GPP had claimed its "first victim." Further digging found nothing amiss at Asus' website, with plenty of ROG Radeon offerings. However the MSI product page for their "Gaming X" branded GPUs are devoid of Radeon cards. As well Gigabyte has released a new external GPU enclosure, housing an RX 580, which is suspiciously devoid of any AUROS branding, unlike the NVIDIA counterparts. ComputerBase.de reached out to Gigabyte about why this model was not under the brand for "players," and were told by Gigabyte that the focus of the RX 580 enclosure is not on "players."

It is quite telling how many outlets, as well as YouTubers have picked up on this story, without one official response from NVIDIA or any AIB partners. Personally it makes me wonder if they are hoping that the outrage will blow over, or if they are preparing for possible litigation. When you have outlets like Forbes, and Jayztwocents all investigating and keeping the GPP in the news, the lack of response is disconcerting.

Second rule of GPP: DON"T TALK ABOUT GPP!