Tuesday March 20, 2018

Bitcoin's Blockchain Loaded with Child Pornography

Researchers at RWTH Aachen University in Germany claim to have found 274 links to child pornography while investigating what financial data has been stashed within the blockchain according to a report from PCMag. in a paper that was presented at a conference earlier this month, in which the researchers also state that a pornographic image, possibly of a minor was also embedded into the blockchain, which theoretically could make Bitcoin illegal to possess in 112 countries.

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If true this certainly makes for an interesting twist into the legality of Bitcoin, as well as possibly the future of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Among the data was the child pornographic content found in three files; the 274 links were lists that directed to sites found on the Dark Web. The researchers also uncovered six wedding-related images, 609 transactions containing public chat logs, emails and forum posts discussing Bitcoin and money laundering, in addition to backups of WikiLeaks data.