Tuesday March 13, 2018

MoviePass CEO Shifts on How Much Data it Collects on Members

Last week, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe, was telling us that it watches where you go to and from the movies if you use its services. This week it is, "I said something completely inaccurate as far as what we are doing," he said. "We only locate customers when they use the app." In other news, last week, MoviePass removed support from the iOS app that would have allowed MoviePass to track your constantly. All pure coincidence.

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MoviePass made the update to the iOS app in consultation with Apple. Previously, the app gave users Apple's three standard privacy options: never track; track when using the app; and always track. Lowe said the app never activated the "track all the time" capability. "We never used it, and it was confusing to have it there," Lowe said.

We agree, all very confusing.