Monday March 12, 2018

Tesla Increases Cost Of Using Superchargers

In a report from Electrek, the cost of using the Tesla Supercharger network has went up quite a bit. While most states are seeing increases of 20-40%, Oregon saw an increase of 100%, from $0.12 to $0.24 per kWh. The reason for the increase it to reflect current local electricity and usage according to a Tesla spokesperson.

News Image

The article makes a great point about the upcoming Tesla Semi and the "Megachargers" that are supposed to be locked in a $0.07 per kWh, that honestly doesn't sound feasible, and Tesla is already really good at losing money.

"We occasionally adjust rates to reflect current local electricity and usage. The overriding principle is that Supercharging will always remain significantly cheaper than gasoline, as we only aim to recover a portion of our costs while setting up a fair system for everyone. This will never be a profit center for Tesla."