Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday March 07, 2018

Geek Squad - The FBI & Your 4th Amendment

This is an article over at the EFF's site that is certainly worth a read if you are concerned about yours, and others' privacy. The gist of the read is very simple. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has records that confirm that the FBI has paid Best Buy Geek Squad employees to inform on the people it is repairing or servicing computers for over the last decade. The information gathered by the EFF all points to kiddie porn being the target of Geek Squad and FBI's relationship. It goes as far as to suggest that some hard drives were subject to forensic tools in order to search for illegal pornography that were not on allocated hard drive spaces. Certainly it is hard to argue hunting down this sort of activity, but its legality is certainly suspect. The FBI has a long history of paying confidential informants and getting prosecutions based using that information to start full investigations.

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But some evidence in the case appears to show Geek Squad employees did make an affirmative effort to identify illegal material. For example, the image found on Rettenmaier’s hard drive was in an unallocated space, which typically requires forensic software to find. Other evidence showed that Geek Squad employees were financially rewarded for finding child pornography. Such a bounty would likely encourage Geek Squad employees to actively sweep for suspicious content.