Monday March 05, 2018

MoviePass CEO Brags About How Much Data it Collects

In an interview at the Entertainment Finance Forum, the CEO of MoviePass Mitch Lowe had a lot to say, and some of it was rather shocking. While the interview was mostly about statistics and company projections, when the interviewer asked about data collection, things turned grim. Lowe boasted saying the following:

"We get an enormous amount of information," he said, noting the company knows subscribers’ addresses and can glean demographic information based on where they live. The company also can track subs via the app and a phone GPS.

"We watch how you drive from home to the movies," he said. "We watch where you go afterwards."

That sort of data fits into a long-term revenue plan.

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Wow... There isn't much I can say about this and maintain even a little hint of professionalism. If you're a MoviePass subscriber, you may want to consider spending that $10 a month elsewhere.