Thursday March 01, 2018

Haptic Feedback Glove in VR

Youtube channel SmarterEveryDay for a demo of a real life haptic feedback glove for VR from the company HaptX. The company's press release from November 20th 2017 states that the gloves are the result of years of research and development, and that the gloves feature over 100 points of high displacement tactile feedback, up to 5 pounds of resistance per finger, and sub-millimeter precision motion tracking. The video below shows off how incredible this tech is.

This is absolutely incredible. The haptic feedback is amazing in itself, but the resistance from picking up and holding objects really blew me away. While there isn't any mention of the hardware being used in the video, the HaptX website also states that the HaptX Gloves will ship to select customers in 2018. Thanks to @cageymaru for the story.