Wednesday February 28, 2018

People Are Furious About "Hunt Down The Freeman" Game

A game recently released on Steam called "Hunt Down The Freeman" is getting flooded with negative reviews, as well as accusations of sealing assets from other mods and games without permission. Another interesting bit in the Steam forums is the developer claiming that the reason there are so many bogs and glitches, was that the version of the game that was released on Steam on the 23rd, is not the final version. Christopher Livingston from PC Gamer spoke with the developers to try and get some answers.

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I saw this game the other day when browsing steam and didn't even give it a click, and from the sounds of it, I was right in doing so. How is it if someone "released the wrong version" could they not immediately either pull it and upload the correct version, or patch it in less than a week?

While I haven't played much, what I have played hasn't been good, and it's not really something that bug fixes or visual improvements alone will change.