Thursday February 15, 2018

E-waste Recycler Facing Prison for Copyright Infringement

Eric Lundgren, a dedicated recycler of e-waste, has been sentenced to 15 months in the pen for infringing on a Microsoft copyright. The rest of the story is Mr. Lundgren processes more than 41M pounds of e-waste each year and he hated what he saw as planned obsolescence and wanted to extend the life of old computers. He rebuilt/restored the old OEM computers and then planned to include the old OEM restore disk as part of the package. These are OEM computers after all and each one came with a non-transferable license so he figured it wasn't a big deal to reprint the disks and sell them with the used systems. However, he was wrong and Microsoft wanted a piece of the action. There's more to this and it's well worth a read of the original story. Thanks cageymaru.

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The government, and Microsoft, did not see it that way. Federal prosecutors in Florida obtained a 21-count indictment against Lundgren and his business partner, and Microsoft filed a letter seeking $420,000 in restitution for lost sales. Lundgren claims that the assistant U.S. attorney on the case told him, "Microsoft wants your head on a platter and I’m going to give it to them."