Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday February 13, 2018

Hawaii Looks to Ban Loot Box Games

Loot box games have drawn all sorts of ire lately, from the fairly innocuous to those that are basically pay-to-win types. State legislators from Hawaii have introduced two bills that would not allow minors, or even your adults under the age of 21 to purchase games with these loot box microtransactions in them. The thinking here is that this loot box type of feature encourages gambling and in fact causes an addiction to loot boxes. The other two bills require specific labeling as to the randomized purchasing system as well of probabilities of loot box hauls.

Because of the popularity of the "Star Wars" brand among children — "Battlefront II" and "Overwatch" are rated T for teen by the Electronic Software Rating Board - online commentators have accused Electronic Arts and other publishers of exploiting children with psychologically manipulative practices to encourage them to gamble real money on virtual goods. "Whistleblowers have revealed that psychologists are employed to create these mechanisms," Lee said.