Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday February 09, 2018

Russian Scientists Arrested for Using Supercomputers For Mining

In a report from international Business Times (autoplay video warning), a number of Russian nuclear scientists were arrested for allegedly using lab equipment to mine for cryptocurrencies. The report, originally on Russia's Interfax News Agency, said the engineers were working at the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics. The lab is located in the closed city of Sarov, is fenced off and heavily guarded by the Russian military. The city intended to be cut off from the outside world, and the computers are supposed to be isolated and disconnected to prevent outside intrusion.

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The article states that the group was caught when they attempted to connect to the internet, and alerted the security department. For scientists they really weren't all that smart. I want to make a blyat' coin joke, but can't think of one. Big thanks to KD5ZXG for the story!

"Similar attempts have recently been registered in a number of large companies with large computing capacities, which will be severely suppressed at our enterprises, this is technically a hopeless and criminal offense," Tatyana Zalesskaya, head of the research institute press service noted. She did not specify the number of detainees.