Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday February 09, 2018

AI System Developed to Instantly Identify and Help Catch Animal Poachers

Researchers from the USC Center for AI in Society have developed an AI system that can instantly identify and help catch animal poachers. The improved system monitors infrared cameras and can tell the difference between animals and humans in about a third of a second. They call this system "Spot" and it's going to be put into wide spread service across all of Botswana. Once again a very nice use for AI and something all of us should be in favor of. Excellent work, USC!

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A team of computer scientists, led by Elizabeth Bondi, a USC Viterbi School of Engineering PhD student in Professor Milind Tambe’s lab, labelled 180,000 humans and animals in infrared videos using a labelling tool they developed to expedite the process.

The researchers used these labelled images and leveraged an existing deep-learning algorithm known as Faster RCNN, which they modified to teach a computer to automatically distinguish infrared images of humans from infrared images of animals.