Thursday February 08, 2018

Litecoin Emerging as the Next Dark Web Currency

According to a study by Recorded Future, Litecoin is starting to be accepted more and more on the Dark Web in place of the standard-bearer, Bitcoin. The reasons are many, but transaction fees and speed appear to be some of the main complaints against Bitcoin. Of course this is the Dark Web and I know most of us here don't go there, however, the same complaints still apply against Bitcoin for legitimate transactions. How much longer will Bitcoin last as the defacto cryptocurrency standard?

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Beginning in the middle of 2016, Recorded Future began noticing an increase in frequencyآ  of discussions regarding the functionality, security, and usability of cryptocurrency amongآ  members of the cybercriminal underground. Regardless of their geographical distribution,آ  spoken language, or niche business, everyone was sharing their growing dissatisfactionآ  with Bitcoin as a major payment vehicle.