Thursday February 08, 2018

First Arrest Made Using Forensic Gait Analysis

In a report from Nashville, 3 armed men robbed a liquor store near the Alabama state line in Jan. 2017. Police investigating the robbery had surveillance video, but that showed no identifying features as the suspects were wearing masks, and no idea what vehicle they were in. Police decided to look at video from a few weeks prior to the robbery to see if anyone suspicious was in. One person who was in the store had a distinct walk. The gait of the suspect got the attention of a forensics expert in Indiana, and though nothing but "forensic gait analysis" investigators found the subject who was in the store the day prior to the robbery, was also the robber. Investigators arrested Quinton Nance, who then confessed to the robbery.

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Cool story and really incredible article on forensic gait analysis. Since there is now precedence of using gait analysis to get an indictment, I have to wonder if since it's very logical, if machine learning or AI could end up coming to play to automate gait analysis. Thanks to maclem8223 for the story!

District Attorney General Brent Cooper says this is another tool for law enforcement to help prosecute criminals. "The one thing you're not going to be able to disguise is the way you walk," said Cooper. "We were willing to use this case as a test to see if the courts in Tennessee would accept this kind of proof." This is the first time in the United States that a grand jury indictment was secured strictly using gait forensic analysis.