Friday February 02, 2018

No Office 2019 Without Windows 10

A post on the Windows blog outlines changes to servicing and support of Windows and Office. The post states that Office 2019 will only be available to Windows 10, or the next long-term servicing version of Windows Server. Support will be shorter than normal well, Instead of the normal 5 years standard support, and 5 year extended, they are shortening extended support to 2 years.

News Image

Microsoft has made no attempt to hide the fact that it wants Windows users to make the switch to Windows 10. The post also states that Office 219 will release in H2 2018, and extended support of both Office 2019, and 2016 will end at the same time on October 14th 2025.

Servicing extensions for Windows 10 will help customers who need a little extra time to implement Windows as a service; changes to the Office 365 ProPlus system requirements provide clarity for new ProPlus deployments; and Office 2019 and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2018 will give customers who aren’t yet ready to move to the cloud a valuable set of new security and productivity features.