Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday January 30, 2018

Blockchain Startup Takes $11, Leaves Penis

In a report yesterday, blockchain start up "The Prodeum Project," whose goal was to "revolutionize the fruit and vegetable industry" with Ethereumhas apparently absconded with millions of investor dollars. Upon exiting with the investors money, the website went offline, ad was replaced with one word: "Penis." The companies press release detailing the project is still online.

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I really need to come up with some half-baked idea and slap "blockchain" in it so investors give me millions. This article also states that other digital fingerprints of the crypto-team's former existence are being scrubbed from the web. Webpages from TokennDesk, a Linkedin profile, twitter handle, and even a blog post on Medium have all been deleted. One could say a lot of people got the...shaft.

Startup company is about to revolutionize the fruit and vegetable industry with the use of Ethereum blockchain technology. The goal is to overhaul the Price Look-up (PLU) labeling process which is currently used solely for inventory and pricing purposes. But if Prodeum has its way, an advanced form of PLU labeling, called aPLU (Advanced Price Look-up) will provide incredibly useful information to consumers about the produce they are purchasing.