Wednesday January 24, 2018

YouTube Is Investing $5 Million Into "Creators For Change"

YouTube announced today on their Official Blog that they are investing an additional $5 million dollars into their "Creators For Change" program. The program started in 2016 is aimed at boosting the profile of YouTubers whose videos "counter hate and promote tolerance." The announcement comes while over a hundred YouTube creators are in London for the annual Creators for Change Summit.

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I can't quite understand why they would need such a large investment for a handful of people to make YouTube videos. The article doesn't state what YouTube has been investing into the Creators For Change program, but with only 55 videos total... from 39 creators... in a year and a half... it doesn't sound like YouTube is getting their money's worth.

In 2018, we are continuing to invest in Creators for Change, including providing production and marketing support with a value of over $5M to diverse voices harnessing the power and scale of YouTube in groundbreaking, positive ways.