Wednesday January 24, 2018

Microsoft Releases New Tool For Inspecting Telemetry Data

In a blog post today, Microsoft that it will be rolling out "Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer" with the April feature update. The tool is available to insiders now, allows you to see and search all Windows diagnostic data that’s in the cloud related to your specific device.

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Good move on Microsoft's part to finally come clean about the telemetry inside Windows 10. There are many people who have refused to upgrade because of the data collection from Microsoft. Perhaps with the increased transparency it will give more people the peace of mind needed to make the switch.

From improving in-product control, transparency and information about your privacy, while providing a complete list of the diagnostic data collected at the Basic level, among others, to launching the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard and the enhancements we’ve made since then, we want you to be able to easily see and manage your activity data online across multiple Microsoft services.