Wednesday January 17, 2018

New Xbox Elite Controller Leaks

A series of images posted on Chinese site Baidu reveal what is said to be a new version of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. According to the leaker, is said to have a 3-profile switch, as well as Bluetooth with support for Windows 10, USB-C, and three-level Hair-Trigger locks. The images also show what appears to be an adjustable tension mechanism for the thumbsticks. Microsoft filed a patent in December with an adjustable lock design for the thumbsticks, and the images match it exactly.

News Image

Looks great to me. I don't know if it would be possible given the new features, but I would love it if they made it a bit less expensive. I'm still using a 360 controller on my PC for racing and such, as I just can't bring myself to spend $140 on the current elite.

A source familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans has confirmed to The Verge that the Reddit image of the controller is genuine, but it's not clear exactly when or if Microsoft plans to introduce this new controller. Microsoft is also testing this controller design alongside a new case that will charge it on the go.