Monday January 15, 2018

Twitter Looks at Your DMs and Saves those for Later

Apparently Twitter employees look at all your Twitter direct messages and at least one of these guys is saving all those pictures of your girlfriends to show to your wives later when they file to divorce you. My mom always told me when I was a little boy, "Kyle, never take pics of your junk and DM it on Twitter. Those guys are will extort you one day." Of course, this happening back in 1972 really makes me think of just how much a visionary my mom was.

Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Twitter Engineers and employees admitting that Twitter employees view all of your private messages on their servers and analyze it to create a "virtual profile" of you which they sell to advertisers. The footage features four current Twitter software engineers–Conrado Miranda, Clay Haynes, Pranay Singh, and Mihai Alexandru Florea.

One more reason not to use Twitter. That makes for reason number 1,248 on my short list.