Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday January 11, 2018

2nd Gen HBM2 Aquabolt Starts Mass Production

While I am a bit unsure of the "Aquabolt" name, there is no doubt that HBM is finding its place in the industry, and now HBM2 is in production by Samsung. HBM2 will deliver 2.4Gbps per pin at 1.2v, compared to the original HBM's transfer rate of 1.6Gbps at 1.2v. The improvement equates to a overall transfer rate of 307GBps. Other improvements include and increased number of thermal bumps which should provide better cooling and an additional protective layer at the bottom which will give the package better overall physical strength to protect it from damage.

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With these improvements, a single Samsung 8GB HBM2 package will offer a 307 gigabytes-per-second (GBps) data bandwidth, achieving 9.6 times faster data transmission than an 8 gigabit (Gb) GDDR5 chip, which provides a 32GBps data bandwidth.* Using four of the new HBM2 packages in a system will enable a 1.2 terabytes-per-second (TBps) bandwidth., which will improve overall system performance by as much as 50 percent, compared to a system that uses a 1.6Gbps HBM2.