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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday January 08, 2018

Microsoft Meltdown/Spectre Patch May Bork Athlon Systems

Over at there's a long thread where Athlon CPU users are experiencing issues with the Meltdown/Spectre patch. KB4056892 appears to prevent a boot of the system after the patch is installed. In some instances a complete reinstall fixes the issue, but the update will once again push out and you're back where you started. Beware Athlon users.

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I have older AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, Asus MB, after installation of KB4056892 the system doesn't boot, it only shows the Windows logo without animation and nothing more. After several failed boots it do roll-back then it shows error 0x800f0845. Unfortunately, it seems it's not easy to disable the automatic updates without gpedit tweaks, so it tries installing and rolling-back the update over and over.