Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday January 03, 2018

Convicted Murderers Love VR in Colorado!

Did you know that all you had to do get time with a top-end VR system was kill someone when you were a juvenile? I am not sure they are going to react all that well to Job Simulator, but on the up-side, it is 10% off today on Steam.

This year, Colorado started an early-release program for people convicted as juveniles who have already served 20 years of their sentences. To get ready for life on the outside, inmates in the three-year program use virtual reality to prepare for stressful situations and practice skills they never learned as teens, like doing laundry and grocery shopping.

Six Colorado inmates sentenced to decades in prison as teenagers in the ’80s and ’90s thought they would never get out. During their 20-plus years behind bars, technology has changed the outside world dramatically.

On the downside? Payday 2 VR beta is there to help them out with any other skillsets they might be lacking in.