Friday December 29, 2017

Chrome OS to Allow Android Apps to Run in Parallel

The latest beta of Chrome 64 Beta has a new feature a lot of Chromebook users have been wanting for a long time. In the beta you can now run apps side by side without one of them pausing or causing some kind of weird issue when they aren't in focus. So keep your fingers crossed that this feature makes it into the 64 Stable release. Check out the video to see how it works.

This works like most users would expect it to, and we can’t wait until this is a universally available feature on Chromebooks with Play Store access. It simply makes the entire experience feel SO MUCH more native. While this is available in Chrome 64 Beta, it is not 100% that we’ll see the feature in 64 Stable, but the liklihood is high and it is a move that will make the overall usability of Chromebooks much, much better.