Wednesday December 27, 2017

Apple's Lisa Operating System Going Open Source

Apple is releasing their Local Integrated System Architecture (LISA) OS as open source next year. If you recall, the Apple Lisa didn't sell well at all, as a matter of fact it only sold 10K units. However, it was the first PC to have a GUI and use a mouse. Just think if Apple didn't sell the thing for many times that of an IBM PC and we might have the Apple OS as the defacto standard now. You can check out the announcement here. If you really want to go down memory lane you can check out this old Apple Lisa commercial below.

Back in 1983, Lisa computer cost $10,000; if you factor in the inflation, it’ll cost $24,000. On the other hand, IBM was already offering computers that were far cheaper. This flopped OS brought some of the advanced features for the first time, including protected memory, sophisticated HDD-based OS, etc.