Tuesday December 19, 2017

The AMD Linux Drivers Do Not Yet Support Radeon "Navi"

Phoronix is dispelling the story going around that AMD's next-generation Navi GPU architecture is referenced in Linux driver code. The snippet cited, which is from a patch back in July, isn't for the AMD Linux driver itself but UMR, AMD's open-source GPU debugger, whose work began about a year ago.

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The purpose of the patch in question isn't about supplying Navi/GFX10 GPU support either. Rather, this patch is just about allowing arbitrary new GPU information from a file to this UMR debugger. Where the "gfx10 mmSUPER_SECRET" comes from isn't even any code for the UMR debugger itself, rather just code added to a demo file for showing off and testing the new functionality for UMR.