Thursday December 14, 2017

Disney’s Fox Acquisition Means the End of Hulu as We Know It

They say that Hulu isn’t going away, but it will look very different. In the past, the streaming service had three different bosses, but now, it only has one: Disney. With its more than 12 million subscribers, Hulu will probably be used to piggyback Disney’s new streaming business or be converted entirely, but there are some wrinkles to consider.

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Comcast has remained a silent partner in Hulu as part of a consent decree it accepted when it bought NBCUniversal, but those terms end in September, before Disney can realistically complete its Fox deal. Comcast may claim Hulu’s 12 million-plus subscribers belong equally to it, since its content and investment dollars helped generate that audience, or at least a third of it. The cable company could ask the Justice Department to review the acquisition and force a sale of Hulu.