Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday December 07, 2017

Amazon Wants a Key to Your House. I Did It. I Regretted It.

One writer shares his experience with Amazon’s in-home delivery service, Amazon Key, and did not have the best experience. While nobody ran off with his boxes or burgled his house, Amazon missed four of his in-home deliveries and charged him (on top of a Prime membership) for gear that occasionally jammed and made it awkward to share his own door with people, apps, services, and other retailers.

My Amazon Key setup was finicky, even though Amazon sent someone to help. My installer was friendly but found a problem with my decades-old door he wasn’t authorized to fix, so I paid a locksmith $100 for a new strike plate, which was Amazon’s recommendation. That wasn’t enough. From time to time, my Kwikset Convert lock makes a screech that would alarm a hyena, and flashes a warning in the Key app about jamming. Even worse, that happened during an Amazon delivery.