Sunday December 03, 2017

Crucial Ships 128GB DDR4-2666 Modules for Servers at $3999 per Unit

Crucial has started shipments of its fastest and highest density server-class memory modules to date, but because of their positioning as super-dense memory, the price is very high. While the 128GB DDR4-2666 LRDIMMs should be usable in both AMD EPYC systems and Intel Xeon systems, they are optimized for Intel’s Xeon Scalable CPUs (Skylake-SP) launched earlier this year.

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According to Crucial, production of 128 GB LRDIMMs involves 34 discrete stages with over 100 tests and verifications, making them particularly expensive to manufacture. These costs are then passed to customers buying such modules. The company sells a single 128 GB DDR4-2666 module online for $3,999 per unit, but server makers naturally get them at different rates based on quantity and support. At this rate, a full Xeon-SP system would cost $48k per socket, or for an EPYC system at 2 TB for each CPU, it would come to $64k per socket.