Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday November 07, 2017

Almost Everything on Computers Is Perceptually Slower Than It Was in 1983

In an extensive tweet storm, one user argues that GUI and mouse (which have sidelined keyboard interfaces) have resulted in slower computing. "GUIs are in no way more intuitive than keyboard interfaces... GUIs require you to learn how to use a mouse, how input focus works, how multiple windows work, how modal dialogs work... I believe well-designed keyboard interfaces and well-designed GUI interfaces have exactly the same learning curve."

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The problem is you can't prove that now because we spent the last 25 years teaching people ONLY GUI and mouse. Nobody will agree with me, citing anecdotes and examples that are meaningless in the current zeitgeist. All UIs require a common language. The common language of quality keyboard interfaces was no different than GUIs. People get upset by OPAQUE keyboard interfaces, which I don't disagree with. The POS software I posted earlier is not opaque. Once you understand the basic language of keyboard UI, those textmode interfaces are completely intuitive by the same standards.