Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday October 29, 2017

Why Snapchat Spectacles Failed

Hundreds of thousands of pairs of Spectacles sit rotting in warehouses after Snapchat bungled their launch, contributing to the company’s enormous costs and losses. Internal Snap data revealed that less than 50 percent of buyers kept using Spectacles a month after purchase, and a "sizeable" percentage stopped after just a week, with a source calling the retention rate "shockingly low."

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Snap generated huge hype for Spectacles but then waited 5 months to openly sell them. Once people actually tried Spectacles, few kept wearing them, and word of mouth about their disuse spread. Snap never got visionary video markers onboard. And as Snapchat’s popularity waned in the face of competitors, the fact that Spectacles only interfaced with its app rather than a phone’s camera roll became a burden.