Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday October 23, 2017

DHS and FBI Warn of Ongoing APT Attack Against Critical Infrastructure

A joint technical warning has been issued by the DHS and FBI that government entities and organizations in the energy, nuclear, water, aviation, and critical manufacturing sectors are subject to an ongoing attack campaign from an advanced actor, most probably Dragonfly (aka Crouching Yeti and Energetic Bear). According to Security Week, this new alert may suggest that either an increase in tempo or growing success in Dragonfly's activities may be occurring. Critical infrastructure may not be compromised at this time, but they may be seeking a position for possible action against the critical infrastructure in the future. The fact that both of these departments issued a joint warning is very telling in my opinion. The war for cyber dominance is hot and is getting hotter all the time.

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There is no direct indication in this report that critical infrastructure operation technology (OT) networks have been compromised -- but it does state clearly that the IT networks have been breached. "This APT actor's campaign has affected multiple organizations in the energy, nuclear, water, aviation, construction, and critical manufacturing sectors."