Friday October 13, 2017

MegaBots Really Happening....Finally

It looks like what we have been promised for a long time is actually going to happen...GIANT ROBOT DUEL! USA vs Japan. You can watch it live next week on Twitch. While I have high hopes, I am keeping my expectations fairly low.

News Image

This is Eagle Prime, America's entrant into the Giant Robot Duel, in its first-ever live-fire combat trial. Eagle Prime is the first MK3-class MegaBot from MegaBots, Inc. It weighs in at 12 tons, stands 16 feet tall, seats two, is powered by a 430 horsepower V8 LS3 engine, and costs a cool $2.5M. Cupholders come standard.

Eagle Prime will be representing Team USA in the upcoming Giant Robot Duel against Suidobashi Heavy Industries. Subscribe to this channel to watch the Duel!