Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday October 04, 2017

Coffee Lake CPU Availability Issues

The SweClockers site is suggesting that Intel is pulling the trigger a bit early on getting its new Coffee Lake processors to market in response to the huge popularity of AMD's new Ryzen CPUs. The Coffee Lake CPUs officially launch on October the 5th, so we will know soon enough. While most of this story comes down to the rumor mill, they are quoting channel partners becoming concerned with an early launch effectively killing off any current Kaby Lake business, leaving dead inventory, as folks then wait for Coffee Lake availability.

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The one who waits for Intel Coffee Lake may have to wait longer than October 5th. According to data for SweClockers, there is a shortage of new processors until after the turn of the year.

The launch was originally scheduled to take place in early 2018, but should have been moved in a quarter due to AMD's launch of the Ryzen Processor family . Now, sources of SweClockers speak that the modified plans have an impact on availability and that Coffee Lake appears to be a shortage of the year.