Tuesday September 26, 2017

Official AMD Update on NVME RAID for Threadripper

AMD reached out this morning about NVME RAID on Threadripper that we reported on yesterday morning.

I just wanted to do a quick follow up on NVME RAID status from AMD. I know that during our Threadripper 1900X presentation we had noted September 25th as possible availability timeframe. AMD is still very excited about bringing FREE NVMe RAID support to the Threadripper platform with no strings attached. The timeframe has changed slightly and I wanted to give update:

  • Support for this requires a new driver, BIOS, management console, and an installer and we are working with partners to complete for roll out.

  • AMD is committed to software quality, and we have been testing its deployment and have decided to postpone the release by a few days to enhance the install experience.

I don’t have exact date at this time but I will definitely keep you posted on updates as they become available. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

And that is straight from the horse's mouth. And no, that is not calling the AMD PR Manager a jackass. He is actually a really cool guy that has been around with ATI/AMD for many many years.

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