Monday September 25, 2017

Apple Releases macOS High Sierra; Ex-NSA Hacker Publishes Zero-Day

Patrick Wardle a former NSA hacker showed off a zero-day exploit in macOS High Sierra that allows an attacker to steal every password stored in the Keychain without needing a master login password. He reported the bug to Apple earlier this month, but the patch did not make it into the release of High Sierra today.

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Kinda crazy that Apple would let an exploit like this walk out the door. Even more crazy is Wardle found another zero-day exploit in High Sierra earlier this month, that one showing that the secure kernel extension loading feature is vulnerable to bypass. He also has released a video of the keychain hack, which can be found here

"As a passionate Mac user, I'm continually disappointed in the security of macOS," he said. "I don't mean that to be taken personally by anybody at Apple -- but every time I look at macOS the wrong way something falls over. I felt that users should be aware of the risks that are out there I'm sure sophisticated attackers have similar capabilities. Apple marketing has done a great job convincing people that macOS is secure, and I think that this is rather irresponsible and leads to issues where Mac users are overconfident and thus more vulnerable."