Thursday September 14, 2017

Tesla's Electric Truck Will Be Revealed October 26th

Elon Musk has announced that the Tesla Semi will be unveiled on October 26th: he uses the words "unreal" and "beast" to describe the vehicle, which he has claimed will out-torque any truck on the market. Tesla is reportedly already showing prototypes to early fleet customers who gave inputs into the vehicle program during development

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"It is a heavy duty, long range, semi-truck. So it has the highest weight capability and with long range. So essentially, it’s meant to alleviate the heavy-duty trucking loads. And this is something which people do not, today, think is possible. They think the truck doesn’t have enough power or it doesn’t have enough range. And then with those with the Tesla semi we want to show that no, an electric truck actually can out-torque any diesel semi and if you had a tug-of-war competition, the Tesla semi what will tug the diesel semi uphill."